Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing is promoting/ marketing your brand and reaching your target audience by advertising and creating an online presence.

  • E-mail marketing can be classified as one of the best methods in Digital Marketing. Hence, can help in targeting your audience in an interactive and professional way.
  • Our digital marketing team has an experience of handling clients of various niches and strengthening their relationship with their clients to build a loyal customer base.

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E-Mail Marketing Services

email marketing-services-communication management

Communication Management

We are offering the best email marketing services to our customers where we will help you in managing your email lists, template, newsletters etc.

email marketing-services-result oriented analysis

Result Oriented Analytics

We have analytics to monitor the progress of your campaigns to closely study the behaviour of the targeted audience.

email marketing-services-flexible platform

Flexible Platform

We provide a flexible communication platform to the customers where they can design/ customise mail and newsletters with easy documentation. Hence, it provides easy communication for customers to interact with the business.

email marketing-services-mail template

Mail Template

We have designed template for your mail to be more precise and interactive for easy customization.

email marketing-services-email campaign

Email Campaigns

We can help in creating, send, monitoring and sharing customised campaigns.

email marketing-services-technical assistance

Dedicated Technical Assistance

We offer personalised technical support to help you in designing the perfect mail campaign. As a result targeting your potential audience..

Benefits of Email Marketing

email marketing-benefit-brand awarness

Brand Awareness

We can design email campaigns in such a way to give the exposure it needs. Hence, your brand has a potential chance to convert these leads into clients.

email marketing-benefit-targeted audience

Targeted Audience

With effective email campaigns, you can target your potential customers. Therefore engaging them with a message highlighting your services.

email marketing-benefit-newsletter subscribe

Newsletter Subscription

You can monitor your audience and keep them engaged to your services and upcoming plans through newsletter subscription. Therefore, it is an important way to monitor the behaviour and progress of your audience.

email marketing-benefit-save time

Time Saving

Email marketing is one of the economical methods of reaching people in one go. Hence it is very effective as compared to offline methods of marketing.

email marketing-benefit-analytics metrics

Analytics Metrics

With the help of analytics, you can track and keep records of the subscribers. It helps you in studying the behaviour of the subscribers. Therefore customer can analyse progress on following metrics – open rate, click to action rates and unsubscribe rate.

email marketing-benefit-cost effective

Cost Effective

Email Marketing is one of the most economical methods of reaching millions of people. It is an effective way with a high return on investments. As a result, it avoids printing costs and advertisements of marketing.


DIGID Company!

DIGID is a well renowned name in the Digital Marketing business and have worked with leading brands from across the region and have contributed in shaping their online presence. We have worked for diverse portfolio of clients both regionally and internationally. For this reason, we expertly service clients across a wide range of industries such as hospitality, food and beverages to name a few.

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