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Lead Generation

Generation is a way of targeting your customers and engaging them to use your services. You can generate leads by listing potential target audience, newsletter listings and sales leads.

  • We help you in creating an interactive landing page where your audience or potential target will land when clicking the links to your website.

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Lead Generation Services

lead generation-services-developing business

Developing Business

By generating leads, you can connect with potential target audience and develop your business gradually and eventually.

lead generation-services-creative content

Creative and Engaging Content

 Posting creative and engaging content on social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

lead generation-services-display-advertisement

Display Advertisements

 Make to the point ads related to the services you are providing and engage with potential audience.

lead generation-services-optimized-website

Search Engine Optimized Website

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most useful methods to generate leads. It can be used to bring the website on the top of the search ranks.

lead generation-services-social media promotion

Promotion on Social Media Platforms

Promote your brand/ business/ services through social media platforms that suits best to your needs.

lead generation-services-email marketing

Email Marketing

Most trusted method of online promotion and immediate promotion is through sending mails to your potential leads. Hence, you can create interactive mails to give your potential leads to easily connect with your brand / business.

Our Pricing Packages

Get the Best and the Most Affordable Lead Generation Packages around the Globe.

$ 480 / Month

  • Marketing Automation CRM
  • Call Tracking
  • 2 Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Up to 2 Text Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Review System
  • Automated Marketing Offers
  • Third Party Testimonial Page
  • Weekly Progress Report
$ 810 / Month

  • Business Listings on over 60 Sites
  • Google My Business Page
  • Marketing Automation CRM
  • Call Tracking
  • 4 Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Up to 5 Text Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Review System
  • Automated Marketing Offers
  • Third Party Reviews & Testimonial Page
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Weekly Progress Report

DIGID Company!

DIGID is a well renowned name in the Digital Marketing business and have worked with leading brands from across the region and have contributed in shaping their online presence. We have worked for diverse portfolio of clients both regionally and internationally. For this reason, we expertly service clients across a wide range of industries such as hospitality, food and beverages to name a few.

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